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My open source projects:

VFU File Manager

VFU is console (text mode) file manager for UNIX.
(it is portable and versions for DOS/Windows exist as well).

QVV Image Viewer

QVV is a TrollTech Qt-based image viewer and browser with very simple (clean) interface.


This is Palm Pilot Functional Emulator for the web! It requires just any www browser to access. It also keeps the original Palm Pilot look and feel as close as possible!

VString C/C++ library

This is string manipulation library which provides char* compatibility, dynamic string objects, perl-like arrays and hashes (trie).


Perl-based makefile generator for C/C++.

PPP log analyzer

This is perl program that prints table of PPP usage statistics out of the system logs.

DECOY squid no-ad redirector

This is perl program that acts as anti-ad redirection utility.


Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Statistics Utility.

My FreeCraft Repository (preliminary)

FreeCraft is portable real-time strategy game engine that resembles very closely the original WarCraft II features, look and feel! By now it supports Linux/UNIX, BeOS, Win32. It has all features you ever dreamed of: OpenSource'd, Scripts, Non-linear storyline and campaigns, action queues and waypoints, training queues, bug-free exploration and fog of war, rally points/pending actions, more, more, more...


Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory IRC services and two-way chat.

AWAY... (download area)

This location contains all download files of this site: software, images, documents, misc, more...

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

ET related stuff, maps, screenshots, tips, fun, tricks, demos...


track-lists time calculator.


WarCraft II Page

And on the topic: GAMES, One of the best pieces on the entertainment software market...

Contains some interesting docs, texts, images, etc...

Off-site links:


The official FreeCraft home... Currently this project is not active.

A software company worth bazillions has just successfully saved itself by squashing a free hobby project. Whew, that was close. Congratulations, Blizzard!

DMA Design

Lemmings creators, the HALL of FAME top ones...

http://www.dma.co.uk address and company seems to be not functional.

Here is fantastic page with solutions for the initial series.

Also here is amazing javascript implementation of Lemmings!

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