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  it's been a while since last palm-fe release. currently this project has
  the 'abandoned' status. however I have a little free time these days so
  I will try to fix it and see if it is worth to revive the project once
  again. if the result is promising there will be 'official' release.
  palm-fe is fairly old project and I don't like a lot of its code :)
  yet there are good ideas so I'll try to use them.
  if you liked the old palm-fe or you are somehow interested in such
  simple personal info managers, you can help a lot with any feedback.
  Thank you!
  and here is quick install guide:
  unpack palm-fe3 package to a directory you want. in this example I'll
  suppose this directory is my home: /home/cade. you'll also need web
  directory where you will install visible parts of palm-fe3. I'll use
  also my personal web dir: /home/cade/public_html/p3.
  here are the commands required to install palm-fe with these parameters:
  mkdir public_html/p3
  tar xzvf palm-fe3-cvs-snapshot.tar.gz
  cd palm-fe3
  cp pro/sample_index.cgi ~/public_html/p3/index.cgi
  chmod +x ~/public_html/p3/index.cgi
  cp -r themes ~/public_html/p3/
  edit 'data/passwd' file and put accounts you want inside in this format:
  passwords are plaintext, there are no important reasons to encode them.

  now you have to become 'root'
  cd /home/cade/palm-fe3
  chown -R nobody data
  (suppose 'nobody' is the owner of the httpd process!)
  go to httpd config and allow index.cgi scripts!
  exit 'root' account
  cd /home/cade/public_html/p3
  edit index.cgi, remove all but these lines:
  #!/usr/bin/perl -I/home/cade/palm-fe3/pro
  use strict;
  use p3_main;
  print p3_main::main();

  last 3 lines should be as shown but the first line is important!
  you MUST replace the path after -I with your actual palm-fe install dir.
  at this point palm-fe should be ready.
  if you have problems first check httpd's error_log file then you can
  contact me anytime at:
  Vladi Belperchinov-Shabanski <cade@biscom.net> <cade@datamax.bg>

  I'm sorry for the messy docs and code, I hope things will be cleared up
  in the future. this is development release!

Good luck!

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