WARCRAFT 2 Unoffical strategy guide ===================================

Author: EZRhino Tools: Warcraft II Blizzard Entertainment, Copyright (c) 1995 Contents: 1. Building your base 1.1 Building costs 1.2 Unit costs 1.3 Suggested build order 2. Upgrading 2.1 Upgrade table 2.2 Halls 2.3 Lumber Mill 2.4 Blacksmith 2.5 Foundry 2.6 Oil Refinery 2.7 Church/Altar of Storms 2.8 Mage Tower/Temple of the Damned 3. Using magic 3.1 Paladins/Ogre Mages 3.2 Mages/Death Knights 3.3 Suggested spells to use 4. Land campaigns 4.1 Defense 4.2 Offense 5. Sea campaigns 5.1 Defense 5.2 Offense 6. Playing against the CPU 7. Playing against friends 1. Building your base ===================== 1.1 Building costs ------------------ Listed is a quick reference table of the various costs of buildings. HUMAN Building ORC Building Gold Lumber Oil Town Hall Great Hall 1200 800 0 Keep Stronghold 2000 1000 200 Castle Fortress 2500 1200 500 Farm Pig Farm 500 250 0 Elven Lumber Mill Troll Lumber Mill 600 450 0 Barracks Barracks 700 450 0 Blacksmith Blacksmith 800 450 100 Scout Tower Watch Tower 550 200 0 Guard Tower Guard Tower 500 150 0 Cannon Tower Cannon Tower 1000 300 0 Shipyard Shipyard 800 450 0 Oil Platform Oil Platform 700 450 0 Foundary Foundary 700 400 400 Refinery Refinery 800 350 200 Stables Ogre Mound 1000 300 0 Gnomish Inventor Goblin Alchemist 1000 400 0 Church Altar of Storms 900 500 0 Mage Tower Temple of the Damned 1000 400 0 Gryphon Aviary Dragon Roost 1000 400 0 1.2 Unit costs -------------- Listed is a quick reference table of the various costs of units. HUMAN Unit ORC Unit Gold Lumber Oil Peasant Peon 400 0 0 Footman Grunt 600 0 0 Elven Archer Troll Axethrower 500 50 0 Elven Ranger Troll Beserker 500 50 0 Balista Catapult 900 300 0 Knight Ogre 800 100 0 Paladin Ogre-Mage 800 100 0 Mage Death Knight 1200 0 0 Dwarven Demo Squad Goblin Sappers 700 250 0 Oil Tanker Oil Tanker 400 200 0 Transport Transport 600 200 500 Destroyer Destroyer 700 350 700 Battleship Juggernaught 1000 500 1000 Gnomish Submarine Giant Turtle 800 150 900 Gnomish Flying Ma Goblin Zeppelin 500 100 0 Gryphon Rider Dragon 2500 0 0 1.3 Suggested build order ------------------------- In most games you start with only one Peasant/Peon. You obviously need to first build a Town Hall/Great Hall. Follow this by a farm. Once your Peasant/Peon (Pe) finishes building the farm, click on your Hall and produce a second (Pe). Make the first (Pe) build a second farm. Get your second (Pe) to build a barracks. Produce your 3rd, 4th, 5th (Pe). Below is a summary of the order I would build items: *** Note: This assumes your initial resources are normal or set to high. For low resource settings you need to build Hall, Farm, harvest gold, produce Pe 2, harvest more gold, produce Pe 3, harvest gold, build farm 2. (Pe 1) Build Hall Hall [produce Pe 2] (Pe 1) Build Farm Hall [produce Pe 3] (Pe 2) Build Farm2 (Pe 1) Build Barracks (Pe 3) Build Blacksmith Hall [produce Pe 4] (Pe 2) Harvest Gold (Pe 4) Build Lumber Mill Hall [produce Pe 5] Barracks [produce Grunt 1] Blacksmith [upgrade Shield Strength] (Pe 1) Harvest Lumber (Pe 3) Harvest Lumber (Pe 4) Harvest Gold (Pe 5) Harvest Gold This order should get your war-machine up and running smoothly. Keep producing (Pe) to harvest gold and lumber so that these resources are coming in very quickly. Spend as soon as you can on upgrades for your troops. Also build 2-4 more farms as your number of people grow. As soon as you can afford to, upgrade your Hall for the gold bonus and new buildings that become available. Your choice of buildings now largely depends on your overall strategy as you should by now have a steady flow of incoming resources. Again upgrade your Hall for the third time to gain the bonuses plus gain access to the most advanced buildings and units. 2. Upgrading ============ 2.1 Upgrade table ----------------- HUMAN Building ORC Building Requires Town Hall Great Hall - Keep Stronghold Town Hall/Great Hall + Barracks Castle Fortress Keep/Stronghold + Blacksmith + Stables/Ogre Mound Farm Pig Farm - Elven Lumber Mill Troll Lumber Mill - Barracks Barracks - Blacksmith Blacksmith - Scout Tower Watch Tower - Guard Tower Guard Tower Lumber Mill Cannon Tower Cannon Tower Blacksmith Shipyard Shipyard Lumber Mill Oil Platform Oil Platform Shipyard (Oil Tanker) Foundary Foundary Shipyard Refinery Refinery Shipyard Stables Ogre Mound Keep/Stronghold Gnomish Inventor Goblin Alchemist Keep/Stronghold Church Altar of Storms Castle/Fortress Mage Tower Temple of the Damned Castle/Fortress Gryphon Aviary Dragon Roost Castle/Fortress HUMAN Unit ORC Unit Requires Peasant Peon Town Hall/Great Hall Footman Grunt Barracks Elven Archer Troll Axethrower Lumber Mill Elven Ranger Troll Beserker Keep/Stronghold (upgrade troop) Balista Catapult Blacksmith Knight Ogre Stables/Ogre Mound Paladin Ogre-Mage Church/Altar of Storms (upgrade troop) Mage Death Knight Mage Tower/Temple of the Damned Dwarven Demo Squad Goblin Sappers Gnomish Inventor/Goblin Alchemist Oil Tanker Oil Tanker Shipyard Transport Transport Shipyard + Foundry Destroyer Destroyer Shipyard Battleship Juggernaught Shipyard + Foundry Gnomish Submarine Giant Turtle Shipyard + Gnomish Inventor/Goblin Alchemist Gnomish Flying Ma Goblin Zeppelin Gnomish Inventor/Goblin Alchemist Gryphon Rider Dragon Gryphon Aviary/Dragon Roost 2.2 Halls --------- Building a Keep/Stronghold yields a gold bonus of +10. Building a Castle/Fortress yields a gold bonus of +20. 2.3 Lumber Mill --------------- Building a Lumber Mill yields a lumber bonus of +25. It also allows you to upgrade your Archers/Axethrowers: Upgrade Effect Gold Lumber Oil Arrow/Spear Strength 1 Damage +1 300 300 0 Arrow/Spear Strength 2 Damage +1 900 500 0 Once you have a Keep (human) you can conduct Elven Ranger Training Rangers 1500 0 0 Research Longbow Range +1 2000 0 0 Ranger Scouting Sight: 9 1500 0 0 Ranger Marksmanship Damage +3 2500 0 0 Once you have a Stronghold (orc) you can conduct Troll Berserker Training Berserkers 1500 0 0 Research Lighter Axes Range +1 2000 0 0 Beserker Scouting Sight: 9 1500 0 0 Beserker Regeneration Recovery 3000 0 0 2.4 Blacksmith -------------- Building a Blacksmith allows you to upgrade your troop attack and defence values: Upgrade Effect Gold Lumber Oil (human) Sword Strength 1 Damage +2 800 0 0 Sword Strength 2 Damage +2 2400 0 0 Shield Strength 1 Armor +2 300 300 0 Shield Strength 2 Armor +2 900 500 0 Upgrade Ballista 1 Damage +15 1500 0 0 Upgrade Ballista 2 Damage +15 4000 0 0 (orc) Axe Strength 1 Damage +2 500 100 0 Axe Strength 2 Damage +2 1500 300 0 Shield Strength 1 Armor +2 300 300 0 Shield Strength 2 Armor +2 900 500 0 Upgrade Catapult 1 Damage +15 1500 0 0 Upgrade Catapult 2 Damage +15 4000 0 0 2.5 Foundry ----------- Building a foundry allows you to upgrade your fleet of ships: Upgrade Effect Gold Lumber Oil Ship Attack 1 Damage +5 700 100 1000 Ship Attack 2 Damage +5 2000 250 3000 Ship Armor 1 Armor +5 500 500 0 Ship Armor 2 Armor +5 1500 900 0 2.6 Oil Refinery ---------------- Building an oil refinery yields an oil bonus of +25. 2.7 Church/Altar of Storms -------------------------- Building a Church/Altar of Storms allows you to upgrade your Knights to Paladins or your Ogres to Ogre-Mages. Furthermore you can research magic spells for these upgraded troops: Paladin Spell Effect Mana Gold Lumber Oil Holy Vision Reveal portion of map 70 0 0 0 Healing Heals for 6 mana/HP 6 1000 0 0 Exorcism Attacks Death Knights 4 2000 0 0 Ogre-Mage Spell Effect Mana Gold Lumber Oil Eye of Kilrogg Reveal portion of map 70 0 0 0 Bloodlust Increases hits 50 1000 0 0 Runes Invisible traps 200 1000 0 0 2.8 Mage Tower/Temple of the Damnned ------------------------------------ Mage Spell Effect Mana Gold Lumber Oil Lightning Attack Normal attack 0 0 0 0 Fireball Ranged attack 100 0 0 0 Slow Slows target 50 500 0 0 Flame Shield Circle of flame 80 1000 0 0 Invisibility Unit invisible 200 2500 0 0 Polymorph Unit becomes a critter 200 2000 0 0 Blizzard Area destruction 25 2000 0 0 Death Knight Spell Effect Mana Gold Lumber Oil Touch of Darkness Normal attack 0 0 0 0 Death Coil Life Drain 100 0 0 0 Haste Speeds target 50 500 0 0 Raise Dead Turn dead into skeletons 50 1500 0 0 Whirlwind Vortex of destruction 100 1500 0 0 Unholy Armor Invulnerabilty 100 2500 0 0 Death and Decay Area destruction 25 2000 0 0 3. Using magic ============== 3.1 Paladins/Ogre Mages ----------------------- Playing as humans you should upgrade your Knights to Paladins as soon as possible. The only useful spell is healing but it is impossible to cast in the heat of battle. Much better when your troops are recovering between attacks. Healing is mana expensive so I don't really rate it highly. Exorcism at first glance appears to be a totally useless spell. However, it should be used aggressively against Death Knights since it will nearly kill them outright from a long range. Playing as orcs you should upgrade your Ogres to Ogre-Mages as soon as possible. Bloodlust is a great spell to use before you launch an attack. Ensure you have a group of ogre-mages then bloodlust all your troops and send them on the offensive. Runes are magical traps that once cast will explode anything that walks into its path. Use them in narrow passes where you expect the enemy to send its troops through. Alternatively you can take advantage of the ogre-mage's long range of casting by sneeking up to the enemy whilst keeping out of sight, then casting runes close to the enemy horde. Move toward the enemy and lure them into the trap. 3.2 Mages/Death Knights ----------------------- Mages can use fireball on enemy's from long distance. It is mana expensive and not very effective. Slow is a defensive spell which you would use against fast moving troops such as ogres or against catapults to limit their damage potential. Flame Shield is an excellent spell to use against a group of enemy troops. Cast on a central target who will burn its neighbours. This causes confusion and a scattering of troops, damage or death is a bonus. Then send in your troops to attack them. Invisibility works best when cast upon other mages. Use it to move them close to an enemy base and cause some devestation. Also cast it on a fast troop (Knight) to scout the enemy camp. However, I would usually use a Flying Machine for that purpose. By far the funniest spell is polymorph. Watch as a powerful troops gets transformed into a critter. It is also a very sneaky attack as the enemy has no warning. For pure devestation cast blizzard. Combine the mage's long range and the blizzard damage you can reduce defences to ruins. Ensure that your mage(s) are fully mana charged. Death Knights who are low on mana should cast death coil on the enemy to life drain their target. Cast haste on attacking troops to inflict more hits. For fun caste haste on peons so they fetch gold or harvest lumber in turbo mode. Raise dead is not a spell I find useful. You simply don't have time to calmly ressurect a skeleton army during a battle. Even the CPU never uses it. To cause confusion cast a few whirlwinds in the midst of a packed defence or enemy base. Whirlwinds also affect ships and flying creatures. Unholy armor halves the target's hit points in exchange for temporary invulnerability. Not used that often since it's effect is not long lasting. Use Death and Decay on enemy buildings to reduce them to rubble. Just as for blizzard make sure your Death Knights are fully mana charged. 3.3 Suggested spells to use --------------------------- Playing as humans use your Paladins to heal your strong offensive troops usually other Paladins. Ballistas cannot be healed. The hated Death Knights should be despatched with Exorcism. Mages should be armed with Polymorph and Blizzard. Slow is worthless. Flame Shield can be useful against groups of troops but otherwise not worth researching. Invisibility is not very useful since mages have a long range anyway so can attack and run off. Use you mages for sneak attacks to occupy the enemy. Create six or more mages to set up a chain of attack and allowing them to recharge their mana. Avoid getting your mages too close to the enemy as they are defensively weak. Playing as orcs use your Ogre-Mages to Bloodlust all troops before launching an attack. Set runes where you expect the enemy to follow you. For your Death Knights cast Haste on bloodlusted troops for a fierce attack. Cast whirlwinds on ships or stacks of gryphons or dragons. These slow moving units will probably die. For variation cast Death Coil from long range to steal back hit points. Don't bother researching Raise Dead or Unholy Armor. Use Death and Decay on enemy towers and buildings. 4. Land campaigns ================= These are maps which are landlocked or consist of rivers crossed by bridges. These are maps in which no shipyards are built. 4.1 Defense ----------- Always use your terrain to your advantage. For example use forest around your base as a natural 'wall'. After initially building base try to explore your immediate area with a few troops. Work out possible entry points into your base. Use 'choke' points (constricted areas) to your advantage by securing these areas with ground troops. Above all try to locate a second and third goldmine and spread your base out over many areas (if the map is large enough). it is harder to target your base if it is in more than one place. You can also launch attacks from different bases. Upgrade you ground troop levels. Build towers and upgrade them to guard or cannon towers. Place these towers near important buildings and around your base. Guard towers are effective against ground troops (especially Bomb Squads and Sappers) and against air attacks from Gryphons/Dragons. Upgrade to cannon towers to kill the other ground troops. I don't worry too much about placement of troops. Just build lots of them. It is sensible to place archers or axethrowers behind stronger defensive units such as knights or ogres. Protect your slow moving ballistas or catapults. Build archers or axethrowers and upgrade them totally to fend off gryphon or dragon attacks. Don't bunch your archers/axethrowers against an attacking group of gryphons/dragons to avoid cumulative damage. Guard towers are also highly effective against air attacks. 4.2 Offense ----------- Once you have a decent defence you should seek out ways of destroying the enemy. Often the enemy builds a Hall close to a second goldmine and has peasants fetching gold from it. Quite often this second base is undefended so attack these first to slow the enemy's gold production and to gain easy kills. To attack the main base use your flying maching/zeppelin to scout out the base. If at all possible try to avoid being detected whilst scouting (not easy) so as to not alert the enemy as to your plans. Search for unguarded areas or weaknesses in the defence. Note where the enemy is strong or troops are gathered. Use mages/death knights to attack groups of troops or undefended buildings. Target towers initially. Soften up the enemy base by constantly causing disruption and forcing the enemy to repair structures. If there are few towers and archers/axethrowers left, use gryphons/dragons to safely attack the remaining ground troops. You will not suffer casualties. Otherwise send in a horde of 16 or more strong ground troops to storm the base. Target remaining ground troops and towers. Then once the base is defenceless raze the barracks first. Then optionally mage tower or temple of the damned. Hunt down all remaining peasants/peons (should be plenty of these). Then concentrate on the Castle/Fortress. 5. Sea campaigns ================ These are maps with large expanses of water. Land is mostly separated into islands. 5.1 Defense ----------- Since you are on islands it is prudent to build away from the shoreline to avoid getting bombarded from the sea vessels. However, do build cannon towers on your shore to detect and attack incoming ships. Also build 3-4 ballistas/catapults to deal with ships. Be wary of enemy transports landing on your island. Therefore ensure you have sufficient ground troops to repulse such attacks. Send your flying machine/zeppelin on scouting missions. They also can see submarines which will otherwise bombard your ships and sea buildings. Your own submarines will detect enemy subs too. Protect your oil platforms by stationing battleships/juggernauts with a flying machine overhead to prevent submarine sneak attacks. Try to get off your island and build a second base if at all possible. Gold again could be the key. 5.2 Offense ----------- Planning an effective attack is difficult as in my opinion islands favour the defender. As in the land campaign use flying scouts to work out the best method of attack. Use 3 or more transports to unload 18 (or more) tough ground troops simultaneously and go for mass slaughter. You might just win. If the target island is big try to land a mixture of troops and peasants/peons on it. Build a barracks or any other buildings of your choice on the same island as your enemy! Then build up a task force to send against the unsuspecting enemy. Another method is to rule the seas. To do this you will need a good size fleet of ships. Also build gryphons/dragons. Target destroyers first as they are the only ships which can kill your air units. Then you can sink the rest. Alternatively, sink all enemy submarines and destroy all enemy flying machine/zeppelins. Send a lone submarine to sink all the other hapless sea vessels. Once you control the waves bombard the shipyard first and then any other coastal structures. Beware of towers though. To despatch these concentrate en masse on each tower in turn to minimise casualties. Finally land troops via transports and do a combined ground and air attack. 6. Playing against the CPU ========================== In multiplayer games against computer controlled opponents you have to build adequate defences. The computer player builds up its base very much quicker than you. However, it attacks as soon as it has troops. One big attack would probably finish you but that never happens ... Instead expect one lone soldier to attack your base. The next attack consists of 3-5 soldiers. By now the CPU is upgrading its troop levels too. Expect level 3 troops against your level 1. So how do you win? Try to copy the CPU tactics. Assume you both start with one peasant/peon only. All build Hall, one farm. The CPU player builds a second farm then a lumber mill (presume for lumber prodiction bonus). Followed by a barracks and blacksmith. Meantime it is churning out peasants/peons by the ton. Resources are pouring in. Troops are built and sent towards you. All you have to do is build a barracks and blacksmith after your initial hall and farm. Build extra farms to support your peasants/peons and soldiers. Use your barracks to exclusively produce footmen/grunts. Forget archers or axethrowers as they die too quickly and waste time and money. Five to six footmen/grunts should defned your base nicely. Upgrade them to level 5 as soon as possible. Build 2 towers flanking your soldiers. Upgrade them to cannon towers. The CPU hates towers and in a blind frenzy attacks these first sustaining damage in the process. Your footmen/grunts get first strike capability against the attackers and suffer minimal damage. This set up should defend against most CPU initial attacks. Upgrade to stronger troops such as knights and ogres. Now build archers or axethrowers to defend against air attacks. Try to stop the CPU player from expanding. The sheer number of peasants/peons it produces means that it exhausts its first goldmine before you do. It also has spent most of it attacking you. If you can curb its search for more mines then you have won. Build walls to block off goldmines, the CPU never directly attacks walls. Don't be tempted to place towers inside of the wall as it encourages the CPU to attack the towers with ballistas/catapults or magic which can destroy your wall in the process. In summary the CPU attacks constantly at the beginning - so defend well. Once you survive the initial onslaught you win by default. 7. Playing against friends ========================== I use the word 'friends' in its loosest sense. Human players (non CPU) show greater tactical ability. The best advice is to defend well using the tactics described earlier. Then consider attacking options. Much of your strategy will depend on several factors: * Number of players * Teamwork or deathplay (everyone for themselves) * Skill of your opponents * Favoured tactics of your opponents * Your initial location * Scenario selected If you are feeling bold attack early with ground troops. Your base would only consist of a Hall, some farms, barracks, blacksmith, lumber mill. Your opponents won't be expecting such an attack and (hopefully) be caught offguard. It is risky since you must win that battle. If your attack is repulsed your base is now lightly defended and prone to a counter attack. Which race shall I play, Humans or Orcs? Personally I favour orcs for their attack-orientated spells (Haste, Bloodlust). Axethrower regeneration means that you can defend against air attacks indefinitely without the logistic headache of healing each troop. Also they burp and fart and have been given a bad press in the past. Orcs rule! Good luck with your campaigns and remember this: be WarCrafty.